1. The learners will start arriving at 6.30 am. The Grade 6s and 7s will be dropped at the gate and parents will wait for the temperature check-up. If the temperature exceeds 37.2 degrees Celsius the parents will take back the child.
  2.  Those withtemperature below 37.2c will have their hands sanitised and will proceed to a foot mat where their feet are disinfected.
  3. Learners will go on to designated numbered spots for line up to their classroom observing physical distancing. The teacher will be waiting for them to hang their bags on the wall.
  4. As they enter the classroom the teacher will sanitise their hands again and learners will look for a desk with their name on it.
  5. At break time the bell will be rung and the teacher will sanitise their hands again
  6. They will go to the snack shed or mat and sit in a circle they will remove their masks to have their break time snacks, after which they will line up back to their classroomobserving the physical distancing.
  7. At the end of the day the bell will be rung and the parents will come and show the name of the child printed on a card to get their child back home.
  8. The security guard will call the name of the child and the teacher will then allow the child to leave the school premises.

That’s what we are going to do on the 28 of September 2020.

Thank you.

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