Distance Learning

This method of learning is not knew in Zimbabwe, as it has been around for decades, and still in place for use to anyone in need.


Teachers prepare daily lessons on a weekly basis for a child to learn from home. At home an adult who attained at least grade 7 is able to help a child. Meaning that this work is simplified mainly for the child to understand the concept.


This method is embraced more by farmers, diplomats and children with ailments who can not join main stream of learning. It can come handy too in times of pandemics like Covid 19 which prohibits huge gathering of adults and school children.


Montrose House is determined to deliver to the doorstep pre-packaged weekly work. Observing all the Covid 19 regulations of proper PPE’s, Sanitization and bacteria trapping. delivery will attract a small fee depending distance.


DISTANCE Learning can also help parents who can not afford ONLINE LEARNING which attracts electronic gadgets, monthly data and all the costs that helps online be successful.


At Montrose House we have everything for everyone. Enrol your child today.