Boarding Facilities

Montrose House – offers weekly boarding facilities to help parents in light of fuel wooes and convenience for learners.


Weekly boarding – parent will drop child every Monday and collected every Friday. This move promotes compact week of learning without any disturbances and all facets addressed under one room.


Term boarding – is available . This usually helps children whose residence are out of town and might not be able to be dropped and picked on a weekly basis. Montrose offers tailor made packages to suit every parent.


Take note – these facilities are only available when we are not in the Pandemic of Covid 19 Era.

Boarding Facilities in Norton
Boarding School Dinner

Boarding School Dinner

Looking Forward to a good meal is probably the best reason for our school theme! Fun aside, it is important that we pack meals with nutrition and a healthy eating model. We live in a modern age where convenience is making content less important. Fast food dinners are not a substitute for wholesome cooking. We look forward to serving nutrition and taste.