The Future Of Learning Is Here

Montrose House is indeed Moving Forward.

Upon enrolment of each child. The school shall offer the following services.

● Induction
● Counselling
● Test run and familiarisation

Counselling is Key in view that the online way of learning is new to most children. Hence they need enlightenment as to how it operates and what is expected of them.

The same counselling is offered to the parent as well. So that they understand what is expected of their child and their contribution to the whole equation and evaluation.

Our teachers are geared to train every child to ensure total familiarization of the whole learning programme which the child will use daily for their class work and other tools to add fun to it.

Qualified personnel is our key to perfection. Our team is qualified and each has education experience spanning 8 to 10years. This depth of knowledge offers stability to the new baby on board.


Moving Forward Together


Distance Learning – is added to this package as a way to accommodate all parents who might have challenges to Online learning requirements. Weekly work is packaged for the child to tackle at home and it is marked the following while collecting new work. In a House we accommodate ALL. There is Truly something for everyone.

Extra Activities – these will offer a total holistic approach to education and an embrace to our curriculum.
●Music Instruments
● Foreign Languages
● Sport
● Fun Park – riddles and games

These are key and will promote our existance and our message to the parents, that truly we are wholesome and have added a big sigh of relief to their children’s learning experience.


Moving Forward we are indeed.

Offering Cambridge and Zimsec will allow every child an in-depth and insight to learning trends that are embraced world over. Forward Moving.

Join us this 3rd term for an exciting learning experience, invite a friend and get and a discount to your own fees. Let’s join hands in this new Learning Experience. Let’s Move Forward Together…..

Montrose House waiting to receive you Online… E&OE